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Fine Wood Sculptures by Steve Gordon

Welcome to Steve’s World!  Because of my deep love and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants I specialize in sea life, particularly manatees. In addition I carve bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and alligators.

In my spare time I am a rocket scientist, really, so another of my specialties is Space Shuttle Vehicles. I also craft Christmas ornaments and ceiling fan pulls.  I recently got a Jet Lathe and have started turning ink pens and lighthouses to round out my repertoire.Each piece I make is handcrafted and completely unique. I sign, number and date each one. I use many different types of wood, paloma, buckeye, cedar, poplar, pecan, camphor, cherry, pine, oak, chittum, Chinese pear, grapefruit, maple, blond mahogany and dark mahogany to name a few.

Below are some samples of the wood sculptures and ornaments that I have created. I hope you enjoy them!

If you like wood turned ink pens, check out my Pen page.