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 These are all original poems that I wrote, I hope you enjoy them. 


Once upon a time… Those words are so old,
To live them with you is my so lofty goal.
Indeed to live a fairy tale life,
With me as the prince and you as my wife.

My kingdom is yours all shiny and bright,
To live with me here my Lady your Knight.
You are my Princess with a beautiful glow,
I know not to rush this story reads slow.

With you by my side we will rule hand in hand,
No worries or strife just woman and man.
Face to face lips on lips oh the Love we’ll be making,
My fairy tale world is yours for the taking.


How can I say I Love You,
Those three lost and lonely words.
They have not been said with meaning,
Since the Ladies wed their Lords.

True we met not long before,
But I feel I have known you long,
For when I see your wondrous face,
I know my heart’s not wrong.

Every time that I am with you,
I try to keep my passions down,
But when I kiss your luscious lips,
I forget all else around.

Should I say those words with roses,
And dinners and wine by the glass.
Those too have lost all meaning,
They are also lost in the past.

I imagine that what I am saying is,
And this I want you to believe,
The only way I can say I Love You is,
It is you that I love,
Love Steve.


She is so far away,
And yet she is near.
It is her eyes that I see,
And her voice that I hear.
In every breath that I take,
Which hurts way deep inside,
I feel like a man who has lived,
And then died.

He says to me son,
Let life move as it will.
I say she won’t hurt you,
She won’t maim, she won’t kill,
But always tread softly,
For she is fragile like glass.
Please hold her gently,
But always hold fast.

I promise you son,
If you’ll just wait and see,
There’s no need for your fears,
For what you wish will be.
I heard him say then,
She’ll be eternally true,
For she loves you My son,
The same as I do.


Why must there be sadness.
Why must faces frown.
The whole damn world’s gone crazy,
Crying is the only sound.

A Kiss can end the sadness,
Can make the people smile.
A Kiss can make the pain stop,
At least for a short while.

When I hear the sound of children crying,
I know something is amiss.
To make everything much better,
All it takes is just one Kiss.

No one else can fill the void,
Which was left by you.
All I have is sweet memories,
I truly hope that you do too.

What happened to the laughter,
All I see is pain and sorrow.
I lost my only love today,
I don’t wish to see tomorrow.

A Kiss can end the sadness,
Can make the children smile.
A Kiss can make the pain stop,
At least for a short while.


The lady and I met quite by fate.
Fate is cruel some say,
I found it true when she closed the gate,
And tried to bar my way.

I still hang on to my foolish dream,
That she will see in me,
That ray of hope that certain gleam,
Which will be the key.

The key to her heart the key to her mind,
For me to turn with care,
For me to certainly one day find,
That the lady is my perfect pair.

A foolish man dreams foolish dreams,
And since I am quite the fool,
I will continue to shine my foolish gleam,
Until she my shine does dull


Brenda, such a pretty girl,
As soft as the wings of a beautiful bird.
The sight enough to stop the heart,
Enough to make the passion start.
The touch oh so smooth and soft,
Like the feeling of being so high aloft.
The sound to the ears a melody,
Right beside you is where I long to be


The fires of passion still burn in my heart,
For days after the time of loving with you.
I cannot explain the ideas in my head,
For I have never experienced an adieu,
Which left me so empty and so full.

Before we met I was the Wanderer,
From heart to head to body to soul,
Forever searching for the Enchantress,
For whom some say the bell does toll.
And now I am left so empty and so full.

I see your face and smell your scent,
In every hour I live and die.
I exist in frenzy fear and confusion,
For you may be myself caught in the lie,
Which leaves me so empty but so full.


I am conquered that is true,
I realize that I am a stranger,
Aching to be known by you,
The fragile one tarnished and cracked.
I am the repairman of your mind,
Ready with polish and glue of the heart.
Let me be me and you will be you,
Shining in your beauty.

To you whom I love,
I do not see you.
I see nothing,
But empty space,
The separation of my heart.

The time was long when I was alone,
Those days are over now that I have found you.
All turns out right whatever I do.
I am the dull knife taken to the hone.

It all seems strange to me,
These feelings that I have for you.
The helm less ship on the sea,
I now have a skipper it is you.
I am now where I wish to be,
Doing what I wish to do,
All because you have found the key.
The sun shines anew.

After years in the dark I see.
My deafness is gone I hear.
I no longer drift I be.
All because I found you.


My heart reaches out in the night,
It will not leave me rest.
My heart reaches out for the sight,
Of your heart reaching just,
For mine for it is yours.

My search is ended my wandering done,
You are the Grail of my illusion,
A fragile piece of crystal to be won.
Given by Him who will take,
Broken crystals.

The storm in my heart ravages my mind,
I do not sleep I think I exist,
I do not.
I wish I dream I live,
I do not.
Without you.

A woman is a fragile thing, a thing to be loved,
She cannot be handled with heavy hand or heart,
Or she will break.
A woman is to be worshipped and loved,
Fine crystal to be polished and admired,
Or she will break,
Please do not break.


What are the signs of love my friend,
How do you know if your caught,
Do you magically wake up and realize,
That you have won for what you have fought.

Does your stomach ache do you cry,
Do you laugh at stupid things,
How do you know your in Love,
And in store for all it brings.

No one seems to know the answer,
To this question that I ask,
I get funny looks and myriad words,
But the words do not hold facts.

You make love what you wish it to be,
Its your mind which controls the thought,
If you are lucky in Love its the good you see,
And if not then the bad which was wrought.

I will just allow myself to forget,
The bad and remember the good,
I will let myself be in love with you,
As you always knew I would.


I did not ask for much in life,
From my mate my friends or foes,
I only asked for honesty,
And truth from those I know.

I asked for simple things from you,
Should not have been hard to do,
But no time passed you broke your vow,
And me I knew with who.

I now know why I have no mate,
For life or just a while,
I am unlucky in love I now know that,
But I will still put on a smile.

Heads will turn and games will start,
But me I choose to sit,
And play not I these silly games,
In them I do not fit.

What I will do I do not know,
Takes time to heal some pains,
But I know for sure I will protect,
Me from these games again.


I mean not to cause you pain my love,
That is not my course in life,
I only wish what is best for you,
And that best may mean as wife.

While we are still strangers in this land,
Of love and all it brings,
I feel that you are my sunshine,
And that truly makes this heart sing.

If do not attempt to win your love,
With all my strength and desire,
I fear that you will fall away,
Into the depths of fire.

So far away and yet so near,
I feel I am nearing the end,
Of my real attempt to win your love,
Your love will make us mend.


I cannot remove you from my mind,

You are there morning noon and night,
I see you so clearly that I find,
Myself believing that you are right.

Yea a frightening thought that is,
I can think of nothing else,
No other lady girl woman or miss,
Or even of me myself.

What do I do what should I say,
To you who creates these thoughts,
Should I just sit back from day to day,
And hope that you see your loss.

I can only hope that you have the sight,
To realize what you have won,
I Hope that you will not make me fight,
And that we have this chapter done.

And get on with life as it opens,
Onto something we both now fear,
We both can now go hoping,
That happiness is truly near.


God granted me a wish today
To see what he would bring
In the future for me.
The answer makes me dream.

Of life and love and children,
and puppies and flowers and birds.
What he has shown me is felt down deep
I will try to express with words

That I could fly into the night
Above the clouds the moon the sun.
I feel so good that I believe
It is you and yours I’ve won.

I have often spoke with sadness
For that’s what I’ve known best.
He has shown me now to have no fear
My heart can be at rest.

Yet still when I think of you
My heart will skip a beat.
I need but to hear “I Love You”
And my dream will be complete.


Let me see the future God,
What is your complex plan,
I need to glimpse what’s there for me,
Who, what, where, and when.

Will she be there with me God,
Or have my efforts been for naught,
Will I achieve my heart’s ambition,
Will I receive what I have sought.

Am I wasting my emotion God,
Or am I steering true and fair,
Did she accept my dreamer’s dream,
Or did she choose the lion’s lair.

If I could see for just a moment God,
What your plan has got to be,
I can make this life much easier,
For her, and them, and me.

If you can’t do this for me God,
To me reveal a sign,
A sign to relieve these fears I have,
That she one day be mine.


I like to think that you’ll be mine,
The thought it brings out the best,
But when I know that you’re with him,
My mind won’t allow me rest.

You say that we can go the course,
Takes time but that I have,
I believe that thought until I see,
You speak of him and laugh.

It tears me up down deep inside.
I toss and turn at night,
Thinking that it may happen with him again,
Like before it might feel right.

The vision it haunts me until I scream,
And I wonder if I’ll be there to see,
The end of the story happy for us,
Together at last you and me.

I can’t rightly say if I can stay the course,
Knowing what may happen with him,
If you continue to see him night after night,
Your body may rule the whim.

What should I say what should I do,
I do not mean to force what’s right,
It cannot be me to tell the course,
Tis you alone this battle to fight.


I wish there was a way for me,
To let you know the might,
Of the deep-felt love I hold for you,
Which grows each day and night.

I have never had such tender thoughts,
For any woman miss or girl.
It overflows this heart of mine,
And leaves me warm and full.

I can see your love also grows,
In every day that’s past.
I know that you will also feel,
The same as I at last.

I wait now for that day ahead,
When we can live as one.
Begin our journey you and me,
Into a life of endless sun.

For now I live for the touch of you,
And dream you feel the same.
I long to hold you into sleep,
To dream your love won’t wane.


Look around you now and what do you see,
Which keeps you from expressing your Love for me.
Is it nightmares and dreams which keep you awake,
Or the beating of your heart which makes you quake.
If when you think of me you get a warm glow,
Why do you feel that you must move so slow.
Is there some hesitation in your sweet mind,
Thinking you may want him for the rest of time.