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I got divorced quite a few years ago and as a divorce gift I bought myself an acoustic guitar. Then I bought myself an electric guitar, then I bought myself an electric acoustic travel guitar. Now I’ve bought a better acoustic guitar and a better electric acoustic guitar, and a better amplifier, heck you get the picture. If you are planning to purchase a guitar soon I would highly recommend spending more than you can, otherwise you will end up with several sub-standard guitars. I started with an Epiphone, which I have since sold, and upgraded later on.  I don’t recommend doing this as a better guitar is easier to play for a beginner.  Here is a brief review of the four guitars that I currently own:

Fender Statocastor (Mexican):
This guitar came as part of a complete electric “Strat-Pac” which included a small Fender 15 Watt amplifier, chromatic tuner, strap, picks, and a spare set of strings. I got it for about $460. It works real well and is a nice change of pace from the acoustic (easier on the fingers too). I should have used the money to buy a better acoustic guitar.  I eventually gave the old amp away and bought a new Fender Princeston 65 DSP which I use with all my electrics.

Martin Backpacker electric acoustic steel string:
I love this little guitar, it really shows me the quality of a Martin product. It weighs under 3 pounds, comes with a gig/travel bag and is designed so that it can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. It sounds a bit “tinny” unplugged, a bit banjo-ish if you will, but it sounds great plugged in. The pickup is inside the guitar under the bridge and until you plug it in you can’t tell that it is wired. The plug receptacle is at the butt end where you connect the strap, very nice. I am not sorry that I bought this guitar at all. It cost $310 dollars and was well worth it.

Yamaha FG441S: This guitar cost about $600 but plays like it is much more expensive. When I bought it I was prepared to pay over $1500 for a good sounding guitar. I was quite surprised at the tonal quality and playability of this Yamaha. I fully recommend it to anyone looking for a good sounding/playing mid price guitar.

Martin 00CXAE Grand Concert:  This is a slim bodied electro-acoustic that I bought off a friend for $500 several years ago.  It’s a Martin, what more can I say.