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I have made some ring tones and background images that I use .   The ring tones are offered in both .m4r for iPhone, and .mp3 format for other phones.  Right click the links to copy locally to your computer.  The background sizes differ by phone, Google yours to see what size you need, the non iPhone 5 models use 320 by 480.  Use these at your own risk.  If you do download any of these please pop me an email so I can figure out what people like.  I also take special requests if you have something you can not find.

Ring Tones:

.m4r Ring Tone files for iPhone, just add them to your tones folder in iTunes.

25 or 6 to 4  – Opening of this popular Chicago song

Chuck E’s In Love – Classic Rickie Lee Jones tune

Daffy the Cockatoo – This is a recording of my wife’s bird screaming

Drunk on You – Luke Bryan song, requested by a cousin

Dueling Banjos – Instrumental composition by Arthur Smith, you may know it from the movie “Deliverance”

Freebird – Lynard Skynard classic

Here Comes the Sun – Beatles

Ina-Goda-Davida – Iron Butterfly classic

Love of My Life – Awesome Queen tune, acoustic live

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer – Gene Autry

Soft Kitty – This Soft Kitty Ring Tone is the Duet with Sheldon and Penny from episode 8 of season 3

Start the Commotion – The Wiseguys

Sweet Home Alabama – More Skynard

Time – Opening to this great Pink Floyd tune with all the clocks going off

.mp3 files, for non-iPhones

25 or 6 to 4 180k

Chuck E’s In Love 119k

Daffy the Cockatoo 71k

Drunk on You 263k

Dueling Banjos 97k

Freebird 115k

Here Comes the Sun 119k

Ina-Goda-Davida (small) 82k

Ina-Goda-Davida (large) 324k

Love of My Life 198k

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer 202k

Start the Commotion 128k

Sweet Home Alabama 160k

Time 138k


For the iPhone (not the 5) (320by480)

Christmas Tree 320 by 480

Chinese Crested with tongue stuck out 320 by 480

Koi fish 320 by 480

Little dog running 320 by 480

Orange Slice 320 by 480

Strawberries 320 by 480

Sweethearts Candy 320 by 480 for Valentines day

Bailey the Cat 176 by 220 jpeg

STS105 Shuttle Landing 176 by 220 jpeg

Washington Monument 176 by 220 jpeg

Poohbear dog 1 176 by 220 jpeg

Poohbear dog 2 176 by 220 jpeg

Poohbear dog 3 176 by 220 jpeg

Artman 240 by 320 jpeg

Bailycat 240 by 320 jpeg

Bailycat2 240 by 320 jpeg

Bird 240 by 320 jpeg

Country road 240 by 320 jpeg

Flower 240 by 320 jpeg

Heron 240 by 320 jpeg

Lighthouse 240 by 320 jpeg

Lighthouse2 240 by 320 jpeg

Pelican 240 by 320 jpeg